Why Kogence?

Kogence is a cloud-native workflow orchestration engine for engineering modeling and simulation workflows. Kogence brings supercomputing infrastructure with peta-flops scale performance to the web browser of any personal device at an hourly cost level affordable to individual scientists across the globe. Kogence automatically orchestrates and composes complex workflows comprising of multiple simulation software running on heterogeneous hardware that automatically scales up and down as required by the submitted workload. We enable engineers, researchers, scientists and students to collaborate, rapidly iterate and execute their models and simulations on supercomputing infrastructure as needed with zero setup eliminating the need for dedictaed IT support to manage clusters and provision software.

Kogence offers cost effective PaaS service on kogence.com to individual researchers and small teams through our free individual accounts and serviced team accounts. For enterprises and larger academic institutions, we also offer private hosting of our orchestration and collabration engines at client sites for site-wide usage. On Kogence, you can search, browse, execute and latency-free interact with the graphical results on the browser of any personal device.

We are a team of die-hard modeling scientists and HPC and devops experts. We love to develop mathematical models of complex physical phenomena. We love to understand bottlenecks of cloud infrastructure and extract maximum performance through clever orchestrations. Our mission is to empower rapid innovation and scientific discovery by removing all distractions that prevent organization’s most precious talent from focusing on most precious problems. If our mission sounds something similar to what keeps you going, please reach out to us. We are hiring!

Our Team

Mukul Agrawal

Dr. Agrawal held various positions in Texas Instruments, Applied Materials, SunPower, Silicium Energy, Stanford Linear Acceleration Center and Center for Research in Microwave Tubes. He brings 20+ years of experience in scientific simulations from variety of application areas including photovoltaics, LEDs, thermoelectrics, graphene, quantum physics, optics, microwaves, semiconductors, and IC design. A highly published and cited scientist, Dr. Agrawal holds a PhD in EE from Stanford and a BS in ECE from Indian Institute of Technology.

Vish Narayanan

Vish held various global technology leadership positions at General Motors in data centers, telecom and networking technologies with 30+ years’ experience driving innovation and technology vision in partnership with other business houses. Vish brings his global experience in architecture, design, project management, operations management, IT budgets and portfolio management to the team at Kogence to drive growth. Vish holds a BS from IIT and an MS in Computer Science from RPI. Vish is also a mentor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan.

Lin Wang

Lin is a successful serial-entrepreneur and an expert in business KPIs, analytics, data integration and visualization. Lin brings 20 years of industry experience. He has worked directly with over 75 of the world's leading brands in revolutionizing their digital strategy. Lin built and sold Insight Success, a successful digital consulting firm.

Milind Gupta

Milind has over 12 years of experience building complex Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) System on Chips for companies like Maxim, National Semiconductor, Micrel and Power Integrations. He loves coding and has coded in Assembly for Microcontrollers and DSPs, in high level languages like Lua, Java, Visual Basic to make desktop tools and applications, and in Javascript/Lua to make Websites. Milind has a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIT Varanasi and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California.

Aidar Uldanov

Aidar is an experienced cloud devops engineer with extensive experience in AWS and Azure. Aidar brings 10+ years of experience in developing scalable and efficient web-apps as senior software developer and team leader in several start-ups and large enterprises. He holds a masters degree in Computer and Information Systems Security and is an expert in functional and reactive programing using scala.

Raghu Iyengar

Raghu is a deep learning and traditional machine learning expert. Raghu held various technology leadership positions at Mobiliya, Motorola and Cognizant. Before joining Kogence, Raghu was VP of engineering at Mobiliya (acquired by Quest) where he was responsible for managing the deep learning team. Raghu holds an MS in electrical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.

Alexey Klimovich

Alexey is an expert full-stack web-developer with 10+ years of experience and prolific open-source contributor. Alexey is highly experienced working with a variety of backend php frameworks, managing databases and most common frontend javascript frameworks. He enjoys and excels in diagnosing problems and developing solutions. Alexey holds an MA degree in Computer and Information Systems Security/Information Assurance.

Pavel Astakhov

Pavel is an expert computer scientist specializing in content management systems. He brings several years of experience in building and managing advanced content management system for large businesses. Pavel, holds an Engineer's degree in Systems Engineering and enjoys studying computer systems, taking pictures, scientific discoveries, science fiction, and pets.

Raj Abhyanker

Raj is a successful leader and serial entrepreneur founding multiple starts throughout his career. Raj is the founder and CEO of Trademarkia, an ecommerce company with more than 55,000 clients in more than 80 countries around the world. Previous to Trademarkia, Raj was the CEO and co-founder of Fatdoor/The Deal Map, which was acquired by Google in 2011. Raj holds BSEE, MBA, and JD degrees from Arizona State University and studied in the graduate school of engineering at Stanford University. He is also a distinguished speaker at elite law schools including Harvard Law School, at Stanford Law School, and at the University of California at Berkeley.

Coy Gupta

A data-driven leader with extensive success in driving change and continuous improvement via complex enterprise level programs. Coy has led global digital and BI initiatives for NBC 2016 Olympics, Obama 2008, Toyota and start-ups with great success. He is an innovative design thinker as well as and technical leader with cross-functional and regional experience in securing adoption to tangibly affect business performance.

Abhijeet Mandle

Abhijeet is Digital Marketing and Presales specialist focused in the IT domain. Abhijeet brings in the combination of technology and market understanding to boost positioning of products and services. He has led global marketing for Mobiliya (now a QuEST-Global company) involving extensive lead generation, partnership engagements, collateral generation, social media, digital and PR marketing. He holds B.E in Information Technology and is passionate of learning, adopting and promoting innovations happening in the digital world.

Our Partners