Kogence Service Packs

Try us risk free. We take pride in our users' satisfaction.

CPU Credits

1CPU Credit = 1 cpu for 1 hour. 10CPU Credit = 1 gpu-accelerated-cpu for 1 hour. Everybody starts with free 20 credits. We refill your accounts every month for free. You can earn more free credits. You can also purchase more credits.

1/3rd Price, 3x Better

Our price includes all hardware, storage, bandwidth and accelerated graphics. Compare us against any other platform and let us know how we are doing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Kogence is created by passionate scientists. If you are not happy, ask us your money back. Any time.

Fully Featured Free Accounts

You are welcome to keep your projects private even with free accounts. In addition, you can showcase your research and earn pleanty of scholarly credits, citations and evern more free supercomputing