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License Management and Engineering Services

With Kogence Enterprise Subscription, Kogence will deploy a privately hosted container cloud HPC PaaS service specifically tailored to suite your organization's needs. Kogence will actively engage with your IT team to facilitate and deliver all the infrastructure engineering, security, simulation software setup, license management, data management and user rights management to empower your success.

After all, you have the domain expertise and the subject matter experts in your field. You have a scientific problem to solve and progress is being slowed down by procurement, license management, infrastructure setup, access rights management?

Allow Kogence to step in and provide professional expertise.

Subject Matter Consulting Services

With Kogence Enterprise Subscription, we offer expert subject matter consulting to develop scalable cloud native simulation workflows and analytical models get started on the right track from the beginning.

You can take control anytime. You own the intellectual property created. Kogence platform is designed to give you full control of privacy and protection of IP.

With Kogence Indivudual and Team Subscription Plans, we offer limitted help to get your simulation running on Kogence platform. Please Raise a Ticket. See instructions below. You can also access expert advice by posting your question through our active community forum. See below. You can also check the User Manual and the FAQ pages.

Community Forum

Don't struggle by yourself with problems. The Kogence community is quickly becoming a thriving ecosystem of discussions about a wide variety of topics related to simulations, model development and much more. Join us and expand your portfolio and network. Showcase your work or help a fellow colleague with tips. If you have a model or a software specific question, please Raise a Ticket. See instructions below. If you have more general platform naviagtion or usage question, you can reach us through Live Chat bubble at the bottom right corner of Kogence or by posting your question on the Commnunity Forum.

Community Forum

Tutorials and Webinars

Kogence container cloud HPC platform is a new paradigm. Kogence clusters work very differently from onprem cluster and bring agility, efficiency and new cloud native workflows that are not possible with onprem infrastructure. Kogence supports users at all skill and experience levels. Watch educational webinars and videos to jump-start your projects. Stay tuned for upcoming sessions.


Raise a Ticket

Stuck? Can't find the answer to your problem? Please, submit a ticket and one of our expert scientists will work to support you. For model specific questions, please add admin at kogence dot com as a collaborator with admin privileges under the Collabroate tab of your model and the post your question under the Discuss tab of your model. For software specific issues, please post your question under the Discuss tab of the concerned software. For platform navigation and usage issues, you can reach us through Live Chat bubble at the bottom right corner or through the Community Forum.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, please check the FAQ first. Most of your questions may have laready been answered. If you do not find what you are looking for, Kogence support team is available to help.


User Manual

if you are interested in knowing more about the internal wheels and gears, please refer to the user manual. User manual covers advanced use cases such as ability to schdule jobs on Kogence autoscaling clusters through a terminal or through a script, deploying your custom docker container on Kogence, using Kogence API, optimizing parallel performance and other topics.

User Manual

Explore Our Projects Library

We have developed hundreds of models and support further model development across verticals in a large number of different simulators and simulation environments.

Quantum Espresso simulation of
bandstructure of Ni.
Multi Configuration Time Dependent Hartree (MCTDH) simulation of photo excitation in pyrazine.
Multi Configuration Time Dependent Hartree (MCTDH) simulation of photo excitation in pyrazine.
User of Fourier Modal Method to simulate optical field profiles in a thin-film with an array of nano holes.
Matlab data fitting model to fit custom equation response surface to a set of biopharmaceutical data.
Multilayer perception using feedforward artificial
neural network.

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